Digital Starter Pack

The Most Affordable Full Service Digital Starter Pack in Kenya. Website is not enough, you get the most complete and affordable digital solution in Kenya: Your site will be ready in less than 1 month and will always be up to date for only per year – this is less than 50% of a comparable solution in Kenya. - Professional Web Design - Mobile Friendly Website - Professional Photography - Local Domain + Hosting - Social Share + Pages - Map for Directions - Leads From Contact Form - Optimised for Search Engines - 5 Free emails

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Digital Starter Pack
Digital Starter Pack
1 Month Free
incl VAT

Digital Starter Pack Features:
- Professional Web Design
Modern website designs making your business more relevant.
- Mobile Friendly Website
Optimizes your website to look as good on both smartphones and Tablets as on
- Professional Photography
Clear, colourful, clean photos for your products and services.
- Local Domain + Hosting
Allows you to publish your web pages on a centrally managed system that is secure, reliable and easily recoverable, and offers a reduced risk of server downtime
- Social Share + Pages
Allows visitors to share, recommend, refer your business to friends/colleagues & get a social media presence.
- Map for Directions
Interactive maps and directions to help customers to get to your door.
- Leads From Contact Form
This is a hotspot for turning visitors into leads for your business.
- Optimised for Search Engines
Raise your search engine ranking. The higher you place, the more you’re noticed.
- 5 Free emails

Digital Starter Pack - Renewal:
- Local Domain Renewal + Renewed Hosting
- 4 Content and Photo Updates a Year
- 5 Free emails renewal

For detailed documents on White Papers, Case Studies and more, visit the Solutions page:

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